What’s Next in SEO? 2023’s Top Search Trends

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SEO has become a vital component of marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. To reach potential customers, marketers must continually maintain and advance their SEO efforts, taking advantage of users’ search behaviors and reliance on search. As we move into 2023, there are several SEO trends worth noting.

Continued Volatility: Google is anticipated to undergo continued volatility in the form of more updates, even more so than in the past year.

Emphasis on Technical SEO: Technical SEO will continue to grow in importance, driven by search engines incentivizing site owners to create better user experiences, resulting in higher rankings on SERPs.

The Rise of Visual Search: Google will continue to emphasize visual search functionality in 2023, as the search behemoth places bets on visual search elements in response to evolving search behaviors.

Alongside these top trends, video marketing is predicted to play an increasing role in SEO, and the role of voice search is expected to diminish. However, investing in your website and creating authentic, helpful content remains a top priority for organic search performance.

To maximize SEO and organic marketing efforts in 2023, having an in-house team with the right resources in place, including the right technology, people, and processes, is crucial. In-house teams know their customers and industry best, allowing for faster decision-making and content creation that captures their attention.

In conclusion, by keeping up with these top trends and prioritizing customer-focused strategies, businesses can gain trust among their audience and having an in-house SEO and content team allows brands to have greater control and flexibility over their marketing strategies. With a dedicated team, they can test and make updates to their website and content without having to go through lengthy approval processes or external agency partners.

Moreover, in-house teams can provide brands with more insights into their customers and industry. They have a better understanding of what their customers are looking for and can create more relevant content that will capture their attention.

By mapping out the best plan for in-house resources, brands can maximize their spending and drive efficiency. They can ensure that their teams have the right technology, people, and processes in place to achieve their SEO and organic marketing goals.


Final Thoughts

SEO is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices is essential for any marketer or business owner. The top SEO trends for 2023 include continued volatility from Google updates, a greater emphasis on technical SEO, and the rise of visual search.

In addition to these trends, video marketing is set to play an increasing role in SEO, while voice search is unlikely to become a key component of marketing strategies. Investing in your website and creating authentic, helpful content is essential for maximizing your organic search performance.

To make the most of your SEO and organic marketing efforts, consider building or expanding your in-house team. With the right resources and expertise in place, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your website and content are always optimized for search.

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